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Sun, 24 Mar



Adoption of BIM in India and Global BIM Mandates

This webinar focuses on the state of Building Information Modeling (BIM) adoption in India and its alignment with global standards. It examines current trends and challenges, showcases successful Indian BIM projects, and discusses global BIM mandates and government initiatives.

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Adoption of BIM in India and Global BIM Mandates
Adoption of BIM in India and Global BIM Mandates

Time & Location

24 Mar 2024, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm


About the event

The webinar is aimed at providing attendees with a deep understanding of Building Information Modeling (BIM) adoption in India, along with insights into global BIM mandates and standards. Here's a detailed explanation of each topic covered in the webinar:

  1. BIM Adoption in India and Global BIM Mandates: This section provides an overview of the webinar's scope and introduces the importance of BIM adoption in both the Indian context and the global arena. Attendees gain insights into why BIM is a critical consideration for the construction and infrastructure sectors.
  2. BIM Adoption Trends in India: Current Status and Challenges: Participants will learn about the current state of BIM adoption in India, including trends, progress, and challenges. This topic examines factors influencing the pace of BIM adoption and its impact on the Indian construction industry.
  3. Case Studies: Successful BIM Projects in the Indian Context: Real-world case studies are presented to showcase successful BIM projects in India. These examples demonstrate the practical application and benefits of BIM in diverse Indian construction projects.
  4. Global BIM Mandates and Standards (e.g., ISO 19650, COBie): This segment delves into global BIM standards and mandates, including ISO 19650 and COBie. Attendees gain an understanding of international BIM best practices and standards.
  5. Role of Government Initiatives in Promoting BIM in India: Explains the role of government initiatives, policies, and regulations in promoting BIM adoption in India. Highlights the importance of government support in driving BIM implementation.
  6. Compliance with BIM Requirements: Legal and Regulatory Aspects: Examines the legal and regulatory aspects related to BIM compliance in India. Discusses the obligations and implications for construction professionals and organizations.
  7. Best Practices for Aligning Indian Projects with Global BIM Standards: This section provides best practices for aligning Indian construction projects with global BIM standards and mandates. Offers guidance on how to ensure compatibility with international BIM requirements.

Throughout the webinar, there may be interactive elements, including Q&A sessions, panel discussions with experts, and opportunities for participants to share their experiences and challenges. Visual aids, such as slides, graphics, and videos, may be used to enhance understanding.

By the end of the webinar, attendees will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the current status of BIM adoption in India, insights into successful projects, awareness of global BIM standards, and the role of government initiatives in promoting BIM. They will also be equipped with practical knowledge for aligning Indian projects with international BIM standards and regulations.


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